House Power and Lighting Rewires

House Rewires

House rewires can prevent electrical accidents. Safe wiring allows you to plug in electrical appliances and devices safely without worrying about fires, electrical accidents or power outages.

We often give little thought to the wiring in our house. If its out of sight, its out of mind. The older your house is, the more likely it will need a rewire. Therefore, if your house was built during or before the 1960’s , it is a good idea to have it inspected to check the type and condition of the wiring.

As houses age, the electrical wiring can become worn out.  This can cause dangerous situations within the walls that you cannot see. For example, pests can damage the insulation on cables.

Because we have the knowledge and experience, our licensed electrician can provide you with an electrical report and undertake rewiring if required.

An electrical inspection will cost $148.50 (GST inclusive). See our electrical inspection page for more information.