Smoke Alarms – Installation and Maintenance

Smoke alarms save lives!

Hard wired smoke alarms are compulsory in all rental and for sale properties in Western Australia. However there are still many homes without these important life saving devices.

Each year Emergency Services respond to thousands of house fires. Sadly many people die in these fires because there was no early warning.

House fires can be deadly, particularly when they start at night. When you are asleep, you lose your sense of smell. Without an alarm to wake you, you may not make it out in time.

What are the requirements for smoke alarms?

The number of smoke alarms you require is dependant on the layout of your house. Most modern houses where the master bedroom is in a different area to the other rooms require two units.  If you are unsure how many smoke alarms you need, we can visit your house and assess your requirements.

Also, smoke alarms have an expiry of 10 years. You can find out when your alarm was installed or when it will expire by opening the top of the unit. If one or more of your units have expired, call Sparkymics to have it replaced asap.

For new buildings in which the application was lodged on or after 1 May 2015, there is a requirement to have smoke alarms interconnected.

In 2016, the Building Code of Australia adopted the 2014 edition of the Australian Standard AS 3786. Where the application for a building permit is lodged on or after 1 May 2017, there is now a requirement for the property to be fitted with smoke alarms that comply with AS 3786:2014. For more information, visit the Department of Commerce website.

If you are unsure about these new requirements and if they apply to you, give Sparkymic a call on 0428 296 466 and he will be able to advise you.

For information of the care and maintenance of your smoke alarms, check out this article on ‘How to Maintain Your Smoke Alarm’ we put together.